//5 Tips to Help Vacation Home Owners Attract More Travelers

5 Tips to Help Vacation Home Owners Attract More Travelers

Nowadays, more and more travelers are opting to rent vacation homes instead of booking hotel rooms. As the market for vacation homes heats up, you need to brush up on your marketing skills to stay ahead. Here are some tips to take note of.

  1. Hire a Rental Manager

  2. rental Not a marketing tip per se, but research shows that 31% of travelers prefer to rent properties that are professionally managed. Such rental homes are seen as more legitimate, and renters believe they offer more amenities than self-run properties. Hiring a property manager also means that you can deliver better and faster service, which helps your reputation grow.

  3. Take Good Photos

  4. There are now smartphones that can take whopping 92-megapixel photos, but nothing beats having professionally taken photos,especially for your rental property. Why spend good money on something you do yourself? Remember, potential renters only have your photos to go by, so they need to showcase your property in the best light. Furthermore, you’ll be using these photos on various platforms, so that’s money well spent.

  5. Request for Reviews

  6. As they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. And with today’s many online platforms, renters have more channels to rate vacation rental properties. If you know that a client was happy with your rental home, don’t forget to ask them to give a review on Yelp or similar platforms. You can also give them a little token of appreciation.

  7. Be Transparent About Rates and Availability

  8. Don’t make it hard for potential customers to find your rates. Best practice dictates that there should be a dedicated tab on your website where rate cards are found. Likewise, if you’re listing your property on Airbnb or similar sites, make sure your rates are easily found and clearly stated. The same should be true about available dates for your property.

  9. Write Clear and Compelling Descriptions

  10. Clients want to know just one thing: why should they rent your vacation home. Highlight the key features of your home in the description so it’s easy for buyers to understand what makes it special. Not sure how to go about this task? Consider hiring a professional copywriter to be your wordsmith.

The vacation rental home is a rewarding but competitive industry. As such, top-notch marketing is a must if you want to get ahead. Hopefully, the tips given above will give you the edge you need.