//Customizing Your Bed — Tips on Getting Custom Made Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

Customizing Your Bed — Tips on Getting Custom Made Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

Dramatic Interior of A Beautiful Master Bedroom

Shopping for luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles is not the easiest of tasks—not because there’s a shortage of shops and selections but because of the opposite.

There are a lot of shops that sell luxury furnishing in LA. And, each one offers a wide selection of bedroom furniture. You’ll either have a hard time settling on one piece or struggle to find that one bed that fits the image you have in your head. Fortunately, you can always get your bed custom made.

How to Get a Custom Made Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

Is it your first time getting custom made beds? Don’t worry. It’s not as tedious or time-consuming as it seems. Here are some tips when ordering customized furniture.

✅ Establish your bed’s dimensions.

Before you dive into designing your dream bed, make sure you get its measurements down. Measure the space that it’ll occupy. If you’re replacing an old bed, get its dimensions on paper too. Determine if your new bed should have the same size or if it’s best to get something bigger or smaller.

✅ Flesh out your idea.

Since you’re ordering custom made beds, you probably have some feature upgrades that you want your new bed to have. Maybe you want to add a hidden storage compartment, have a shelf or two built into the footboard, or attach a lighting fixture on the headboard. Sketch your ideas out or—if you’re not that confident with your drawing skills—list them down. Run your furniture maker through your design.

✅ Be as detailed with your design as possible.

Do your homework. What fabric or material do you want your mattress to be made out of? How about its headboard and footboard? Do you want them to be made out of wood, metal, weave, upholstery, or something else? Are you going for a particular style (e.g., rustic, mid-century, modern, etc.) or are you just getting inspiration from various themes? Be as detailed as you can. It’ll help the designer of your luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles concretize your concept.

✅ Think about how you’re going to transfer the piece to your bedroom.

A lot of people skip this step in their bed designing process. Don’t make the same mistake. Measure every door and stairway (if there are any) that your custom made bed will have to traverse to reach your bedroom. Make sure that it’ll fit all of them.  The only time that you can skip this step is if you’re getting a bed that can be dismantled and assembled—which is very likely given that you’re ordering a custom made bed.

✅ Don’t forget your ergonomic requirements.

Beautiful designs aside, keep in mind that you’re getting a bed. Many customers forget this significant detail once they get caught up in all their design ideas. Don’t make the same mistake. Make sure you don’t sacrifice comfort for aesthetics.

Your bed is the first and last thing you’ll feel every day.  So, don’t cut corners when you buy one. If the stores don’t have what you’re looking for, consider ordering custom made beds. Follow these tips to keep the whole ordering process hassle-free!